Events 1st IEEE International Conference on Microwave, Antennas & Circuits (ICMAC 2021)

1st IEEE International Conference on Microwave, Antennas & Circuits (ICMAC 2021)


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Organizing Committee

General Chair:

Dr. Hammad M. Cheema (RIMMS-NUST)

Conference Chair:

Dr. Nosherwan Shoaib (RIMMS-NUST)

General Co-Chairs:

Dr. Rashad Ramzan (FAST-NU, Islamabad)

Dr. Wasif Tanveer (LUMS, Lahore)

Dr. Muhammad Zubair (ITU, Lahore)

Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir (COMSATS, Islamabad)

Technical Program Committee  Chair:

Dr. Muhammad Umar Khan (RIMMS-NUST)

Technical Program Committee Co-Chairs:

Dr. Qammer Abbasi (UoG, UK)

Dr. Atif Shamim (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Arsalan Jawed (PAF KIET, Karachi)

Dr. Farooq Tahir (RIMMS-NUST, Islamabad)

Dr. Faeyz Karim (NTU, Singapore)

Dr. Aqeel Qureshi (Poyltenna, Canada)

Dr. Usman Afzal (Macquarie University, Australia)

Dr. Farhan A. Ghaffar (Lakehead University, Canada)

International Advisory Committee:

Dr. Yahia Antar (RMC, Canada)

Dr. Ke Wu (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada)

Dr. Fan Yang (Tsinghua University, China)

Dr. Matthias Hein (TU Ilmenau, Germany)

Dr. Karu Esselle (UTS, Australia)

Dr. Mohammad Sharawi (Polytechnique Montreal, Canada)

Dr. Maxim Zhodov (IETR, France)

Dr. Xiaodong Yang (Xidian University, China)

Dr. Gotham Chattopadhyay (JPL, USA)

Dr. Muhammad Imran (University of Glasgow, UK)

Dr. Akram Alomainy (QMUL, UK)

Dr. Asimina Kiourti (OSU, USA)

Dr. Yejun He (Shenzen University, China)

Dr. Raed Shubair (Khalifa University, UAE & MIT, USA)

Organizing Co-Chair:

Dr. Farooq A. Tahir (RIMMS-NUST)

Travel / Logistics Co-Chair:

Dr. Muhammad M. Tahseen (RIMMS-NUST)

Publications Chair:

Dr. Farooq A. Tahir (RIMMS-NUST)

Local Arrangement Co-Chairs:

Dr. Muhammad M. Tahseen (RIMMS-NUST)

Finance Chair:

Ms. Maira Islam (RIMMS-NUST)

Student Chairs:

RIMMS-NUST Student Forum (RSF) Members

The 1st IEEE International Conference on Microwave, Antennas & Circuits (ICMAC 2021) represents a unique and unprecedented opportunity to bring together researchers and experts from RF & Microwave field to share their recent work in a beautiful and vibrant city located in the heart of Himalayas. ICMAC 2021 is organized by Research Institute for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Studies (RIMMS), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) and co-sponsored by IEEE MTT-S, AP-S, EMC & CAS societies. ICMAC 2021 will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan from 10 – 11 December 2021 and will feature keynotes, invited and contributed research papers and student paper awards. The social program shall include a visit to the city center and a conference gala dinner.

Perspective authors are invited to submit papers in all areas of microwave, antennas and circuits including but not limited to:

Microwave Devices, Components, and Systems

  • Planar Active and Passive Components, Planar Filters, Couplers, Dividers, Transmission-line structures, Mixers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers.
  • Non-Planar Active and Passive Components, Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, Frequency Selective Surfaces, and Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures.
  • Microwave, Millimetre-wave Components, Sub-systems and Systems.
  • Microwave Bio-medical Applications, Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting.
  • Front-End and Transceiver Modules, Radar Systems and Sub-systems.

Antennas and Propagation

  • Microstrip Antennas, On-chip Antennas, Broadband and Multi-band Antennas.
  • Smart Antennas, MIMO Antennas, Reconfigurable Antennas, Metamaterial based Antennas, Reflectarray, Transmitarray, and Phased Array Antennas, Wearable and Implantable Antennas, Integrated Antennas.
  • Digital Beam-Forming and MIMO Antennas for Future Communication Systems.


  • Digital, Mixed-signal, Analog & RF Integrated Circuits, Power management ICs.
  • Frequency Generation, Conversion and Control Circuits (mixer, oscillator, switch, etc.), Phase Lock Loop and Frequency Synthesizers, Frequency Dividers.
  • Low Noise Circuits and Modules, Microwave Photonic Components and Circuits,
  • Sensor Read-out Circuits, Imaging Integrated Circuit.

Best paper award(s) will be presented to the winner(s) at the conference. The committee will judge the papers primarily on originality, significance, presentation, technical soundness, and reviewers’ reports. To qualify for the Best Paper Award, the first author must be the presenter at the conference.










December 10,2021 - 11, 2021
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