News RF Design Engineer – Position Vacant

RF Design Engineer – Position Vacant

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Job Title RF Design Engineer
School/Institute/Centre RIMMS – NUST
1 Purpose of position
The RF Design Engineer is required as a team member in an HEC funded project in the area of RF & Microwave.

The main role of design engineer is to research and design circuits which involves knowledge of amplifier chain, receiver, couplers, phase shifters, GaN bias sequence circuits etc.




Functions/Duties (Key Responsibilities)

RF Design Engineer should be able to:

•   Design active RF circuits such as low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers.

•   Be aware of bare-die based microwave circuits

•   Design RF PCBs

•   Assemble and test the designed modules

•   Handle RF equipment

•   Knowledge of precautions for handling RF components and equipment



Essential Desirable





Bachelors in Electronics/Electrical Engineering or relevant field with experience from HEC recognized institution



Master’s degree (completed on in- progress) in EE or relevant field with experience in RF & Microwave



>1 year experience in RF & Microwave 2 year experience in RF & Microwave



Knowledge/ Skills/Abilities/ Competencies



•    RF & Microwave software skills (ADS, CST Microwave Studio, Ansys


•    PCB designing skills in Altium designer

•    Solidworks experience will be a plus

•    Report writing skills

Please email your resume to only if you fulfil the criteria

mentioned above with job title “RF Design Engineer” in the subject field before 8th March




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